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Weather in Crimea on May 8

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Weather in Crimea on May 8: due to the influence of the area of ​​high atmospheric pressure, the peninsula will be dry.

The air during the day will warm up to -13°, at night the air temperature will be 2-7 °, on the coast to °, in the steppe and foothill regions of Crimea, frosts down to minus 2° are expected on the soil surface. Northeast wind 7- m/s, gusts in eastern regions 13- 13 m/s. May 9 will be a favorable holiday: no precipitation, daytime air temperature will rise by another 3-4 degrees, the wind will change direction to the west and weaken. April weather conditions are expected to change. A cold atmospheric frontal section will bring rain to the peninsula, a short-term decrease in air temperature: in the afternoon to -17 °, at night up to 1-6 °. From the middle of the next working week, the precipitation will stop and it will become warmer again , — reported in Federal State Budgetary Institution » Crimean UGMS «.

Detailed weather forecast for cities and towns of Crimea — here.

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