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What payments from the Pension Fund are due to retired military men and their families

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Former servicemen and law enforcement officers can receive a civil pension in addition to their basic pension through the power department. To do this, they need to have work experience after leaving the service, accumulate minimum pension coefficients and reach retirement age. This year, the listed parameters are 13 years and 23, 4 coefficients, age — 61,5 years for men and 56,5 years for women.

If a retired military man is engaged in entrepreneurial activity and pays mandatory pension insurance contributions for himself, he is also entitled to a civil pension, subject to the specified conditions. Today 780 thousands of military pensioners receive an old-age insurance pension assigned by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation , the press service of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol notes.

In addition to pensions, retired military personnel are entitled to certain social benefits. Among them, first of all, the monthly cash payment (UDV). This measure of support is established by federal benefits, and today the Pension Fund provides it to military personnel who became disabled in the line of duty (as well as employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, internal affairs bodies and firefighters), combat veterans, families of fallen servicemen, Heroes of Russia and the USSR, disabled people and participants Great Patriotic War and their families. More than a million people receive the EDV for the indicated reasons.

Starting this year, the Pension Fund also began to make a number of payments that were previously provided to the families of the military and employees of law enforcement agencies by the social protection authorities. Among such benefits are a one-time payment to the pregnant wife of a conscripted serviceman, a monthly allowance for the child of a conscript who is serving, compensation for utility bills to the families of the dead and dead military, and others. In total, 175 thousand people receive such support measures.

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