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What to see on a boat in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the vicinity of Sevastopol, there are many beautiful places to visit, some of them are worth going to the sea. The same method will help to see the beauty of the surroundings from an unusual angle. Here you will find out what interesting places you can see from a boat, kayak or yacht in the Balaklava area.

one. Cape Aya – from the sea you will see sheer cliffs covered with dense pine trees, you can visit beaches that are inaccessible for hiking, for example, the Lost World. The height of the sheer cliffs reaches 500 meters The Ushakovskaya wall looks especially colorful from the sea, which is almost invisible from the shore.

2. Cape Fiolent – beautiful rocks, remnants located in the sea, St. George rock, Orest and Pilate rocks – all this looks especially colorful from the board of a sailing yacht.

3. Mount Kush-Kaya is the highest seaside rock in the vicinity of Balaklava — 663 meters. At its foot is the Batiliman tract with villas, recreation centers and private beaches. From the sea, you will be able to watch climbers storming steep slopes and observe the picturesque landscapes, especially on a clear sunny day.

4. Mount Kaya-Bash is a picturesque corner between Balaklava and Vasili beach. There is a small platform on it from which jumpers jump, and from the sea you can see the jumps in all their glory.

5. View of the ruins of Chersonese — a beautiful panorama of the Vladimir Cathedral and the bell for you right in the palm of your hand.

6. A walk along the Sevastopol Bay with the opportunity to swim up to warships or look at the Mikhailovskaya and Konstantinovskaya batteries from the water.

7. Fairytale Grotto of Diana — a small through grotto at Cape Lermontov. It will be especially spectacular to swim through it, which can be done if you are kayaking.

eight. Balaklava Genoese fortress Cembalo is an ancient fortress 15 of the century. It looks especially colorful at the exit (entrance) to the Balaklava Bay.

9. Surroundings of Vasili Beach — you can also swim these places on a regular boat Balaklava — Jasper Beach, but it is better to do this during an excursion with a tour of all the beautiful places, you can swim almost close to the shore or move a kilometer into the sea.

. Swimming in the open sea is a special and incomparable entertainment that you can organize on your own (after discussing it with the captain of the ship)!

11. Fishing from a yacht / boat — you can keep the whole catch! Or cook it right away in your yacht’s kitchen.

By the way, rent a boat or a comfortable yacht for exploring the waters of Sevastopol is possible through the Flotum service, where you can specify the type of vessel, for what purposes you need a float. remedy and for what period (in hours and days).

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