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Which public spaces are leading in voting on the improvement of the territories of Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Voting continues on the improvement of territories within the framework of the regional project «Formation of a comfortable urban environment» of the national project «Housing and Urban Environment», initiated by President Vladimir Putin. Residents of Sevastopol in 2023 will choose 10 public spaces that will be landscaped in 2024 — one in each intra-city municipality. And. O. Vice Governor Yevgeny Gorlov.

We have 33 public areasnow until May 31 there is an active vote on the link or In the list, we also took projects from past periods, when the territories were on the second stage. Today, we have about 100 volunteers who have special equipment that allows them to help vote through the State Services or by phone number. We had trips to all public areas — we show, tell how you can participate— quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol Evgeny Gorlov.

According to the official, to date, more than 11 thousand people have already voted for the improvement objects. In the Leninsky district, the territory on the street is the leader in terms of the number of votes. Odessa, 3, in Gagarinsky — on October Revolution Avenue between houses No. 26 and 32.

Last year, we completed the landscaping in the area of ​​​​house number 32, it turned out to be a good square, and people expressed a desire to participate and improve the next territory. Moreover, a school is being built nearby, that is, it will connect both social facilities and urban infrastructure., says i. O. vice governor.

In the Nakhimov municipal district, the green zone on Pobeda Avenue between houses No. 39 and 31A is in the lead, in the Balaklava municipality, most of the voters are in favor of landscaping the park in the area of ​​​​house No. 52 on the street. Krestovsky. According to Yevgeny Gorlov, residents of Ternovsky, Andreevsky, Verkhnesadovsky, Orlinovsky, Kachinsky municipalities are also actively participating in the voting.

Residents of Inkerman want a well-equipped area on Shevkoplyas Street, and there is a zone with a pond that can be landscaped and made into a recreation area— emphasizes Evgeny Gorlov.

Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev instructed to publish the interim results of the vote so that residents who have not yet shown activity could influence the final result.

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