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With mild manifestations of SARS, Crimeans are recommended to issue a sick leave remotely

CrimeaPRESS reports:

With mild manifestations of acute respiratory viral infections, patients do not have to come to the clinic or call a doctor at home to issue a sick leave. This can be done remotely by calling the call center or the registry of the medical organization.

Since the beginning of this year, disability certificates have been issued electronically throughout the country. Since at the moment there is a significant increase in the number of patients suffering from a new coronavirus infection or colds at home in a mild form, a decision has been made at the federal level on the possibility of obtaining a remote consultation with a doctor and issuing a sick leave certificate without an in-person examination , — The press service quotes the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Crimea Konstantin Skorupsky.

So, at the first symptoms of SARS, it is necessary to contact a medical organization over the phone.

If, during the consultation, the patient’s condition does not cause concern to the doctor, the patient will be issued a disability certificate remotely. Also, the specialist will give the necessary recommendations and prescribe treatment. After 7 days, a medical worker will contact the patient again, if the symptoms of the disease persist, the doctor will go to the patient at home for an on-site examination and adjustment of treatment or making a decision on hospitalization. If you recover after this period, the sick leave will also be remotely closed and transferred to the social insurance fund , — Konstantin Skorupsky notes.

In case of a sharp deterioration in the condition — the appearance of shortness of breath, shortness of breath, persistent high temperature (more than 38, 5 ℃) for three days, you should re-apply to a medical organization.

For patients with COVID-19, a negative test is not required for discharge and return to work if after 7 days the course of the disease and the presence of it symptoms have stopped , — emphasizes the interim head of the department.

Konstantin Skorupsky also noted that in case of difficulties in remotely applying for a sick leave, one should contact the “hot line” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea at the phone numbers 122, 8-800-733—34, 8-800-733-33-12.

The new procedure for issuing sick leave certificates will be valid until March.

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