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World Youth Festival: Technopark «IT Crimea» was visited by students from 19 countries

World Youth Festival: Technopark «IT Crimea» was visited by students from 19 countries

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A delegation of 28 foreign students visited the IT Crimea Technopark as part of one of the largest international events among young people — the World Youth Festival.

The excursion to the Russian Silicon Valley was included in the regional program of the Festival’s theme track “We have returned home.” Guests arrived from different countries: Abkhazia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Chile, Ecuador. In total, 20 thousand people from more than 180 countries took part in the Festival.

General Director of Technopark «IT Crimea» Dmitry Zelensky spoke to the guests and introduced the main projects of the IT cluster in the areas of microelectronics, UAVs, AI for business, virtualization, contactless payments, blockchain, and spoke about plans for the development of the space. The startup studio “IT Garage” aroused considerable interest among foreign guests. The excursion route also included a visit to the Gagarin IT Cube, in which guests were introduced to the educational space for children.

The meeting, which took place in the Technopark, allowed us to become part of the history of the World Youth Festival 2024. Such meetings are not only an opportunity to present the Russian Silicon Valley to the international youth community, but also an exchange of experience. Foreign students demonstrated enormous interest not only in the Technopark itself, but also in the development of our startup studio and our projects. I am convinced that such meetings are an important element in attracting foreign initiatives to our walls— said Dmitry Zelensky, General Director of the IT Crimea Technopark.

The tour of “IT Crimea” was like a flight into space, because we found ourselves in the most technologically advanced space, where each employee creates something unique. It was extremely interesting to plunge into the field of IT technologies and visit a place where every corner creates a comfortable environment for work and communication. Thank you for the most exciting discovery for me.,” student Anna Bormotova, a participant in the meeting, shared her opinion.

World Youth Festival: Technopark World Youth Festival: Technopark

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