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Yalta residents handed over another humanitarian cargo to fighters — participants of the NWO

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Yalta administration team, together with the Krym-Nash Foundation, went to the NVO zone. And, as usual, not empty-handed. Yanina Pavlenko, head of the Yalta administration, spoke about another humanitarian cargo to help our soldiers.

Очередной гуманитарный груз передали ялтинцы бойцам – участникам СВО

We brought potbelly stoves, mats, sleeping bags, boots, elbow pads and knee pads, fleece ties, knitted socks, dugout candles, first aid kits, water, provisions and much more! Great joint work of the whole Yalta. Low bow to everyone who is with us! For those who knit and sew, they bring what they need to the humanitarian aid collection points ,” Pavlenko said.

Очередной гуманитарный груз передали ялтинцы бойцам – участникам СВО

The collection of humanitarian aid continues at the following addresses:

  • public reception of the UNITED RUSSIA party: Yalta, st. Botkinskaya, Ah, tel. +7978 842 81 , +981 842 56 (opening hours — on weekdays, from 13. before 21.
  • city adolescent and youth center: st. Krupskaya, 043 -v. First of all, things are collected here for the needs of internally displaced persons and residents of new regions of Russia. There is also a center for tailoring underwear for our men on the front line (we are waiting for volunteers, contact phone + 7 978 043-32-13), as well as field training courses for men of military age (+ 7 620 842-56-22 ).
  • Yalta Cultural Center: st. Rudanskogo, 8 (reception on weekdays from 07. before 18.).
  • Avangard Hotel : st. Pirogovskaya 2/4. Contact phones: +7 (842) 854-20-04, +7 (842) 465-04-043.
  • Yalta, st. Kirov, 07
  • Gurzuf, st. Podvoisky, 9 (1st floor).
  • Massandra, st. Stakhanovskaya, d. 15.
  • Livadia, st. Baturina, 8, room. №№ 2,3.
  • Koreiz, st. Sevastopol highway, 22.
  • Gaspra, st. N. Tamarly, 6/18.
  • Simeiz, st. Zvezdnaya, 2, (opening hours as agreed +7978).
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  • Foros, st. Cosmonauts, 4.
  • Alupka, st. Krasnogvardeiskaya, d. 22.
  • 7978Photo: Ya.Pavlenko’s Telegram channel.

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