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«Zelenstroy»: in Yalta — treatment of green spaces from pests and diseases

«Zelenstroy»: in Yalta — treatment of green spaces from pests and diseases

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Work completion date: 30.10.-31.10.

List of objects: Pionersky Square, Square st. Lomonosova, st. Togliatti st. Chekhov, Pushkinsky Boulevard, Lomonosovsky Boulevard, Square st. Sadovaya, Nekrasov Square, Gogolevsky Boulevard, Square near the monument to V.I. Lenin, st. Karl Marx, Krymniproekt Square, Krymsky Boulevard, Circus Square (Shevchenko Square), Square on the street. Kirova/st. Shchorsa, Komsomolsky Square, Yubileiny Square, Square near the Clothes House, Street Street. Karl Marx, st. Roosevelt

Work completion date: 01.11.-02.11.

List of objects: Primorsky Park, City Garden Kalinin Square, Darsan Park, Hill of Glory st. Kyiv st. Moskovskaya Square near school 9 Boulevard on the street. Moskovskaya, Square near the City Executive Committee, st. Biryukova st. Kirova st. Sadovaya, square on the street. Sadovaya Timiryazev Square M.P. Chekhova Square Danilevsky Square Square named after. Baturina Square on the street. Baturina 4 Embankment named after. Lenin Square Sovetskaya, Road junction «Entry group»

Work completion date: 03.11.-07.11.

List of objects: Victory Square;

village Massandra (area of ​​Druzhba Square, a park with a children’s playground on Stakhanovskaya St., trolleybus turning circle No. 3, 22 Vinodela Egorova St.);

village Gurzuf (embankment and park named after A.S. Pushkin, Solovyov St., park on Podvoisky St., Podvoisky St. (house of public services), Artekovskaya St., Leningradskaya St.);

Alupka (Godlevsky Park, square on Lenin Street, locally Milyutinsky Park, green areas near the monument to Amet-Khan Sultan);

village Gaspra (Chair Park, Shkolnaya St. opposite No. 15, Tamarly St. 6/24, Subkhi St. 5);

village Simeiz (Simeiz Park, curtain ring, green areas of the village council, Krasnomayakskaya St. 5, Lugovskogo St. 9, Sovetskaya St. 66);

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village Foros (Cosmonauts Square, Terletsky Square, Cosmonauts St. 3, 5, 7, Terletskogod St. 4);

village Koreiz (square on Mayakovskogo street, Sevastopol highway, district no. 42, district no. 27, district no. 10, Mayakovskogo street, district no. 17, town Sanatornoye (Gagarin street, no. 3 ,9,13);

Yalta, toponym “Sunny Path”.

Municipal local areas:

st. Kyiv, 8, 12, 14, 16,18, 20,21, 21a, 54,56,88;

st. Moskovskaya, 9a, 21, 23,25, 27, 29, 35,37,43,45, 47, 49, 53;

st. Vasilyeva, 7, 9,10, 11,12,13, 15,17, 19,25;

st. Kirova, 10, 32.35

st. Rudansky, 18

st. Dmitrieva, 8

st. Krupskaya, 13.15

lane Khalturina, 22

st. Krivoshty, 5

st. Sadovaya, 4

st. Pavlenko, 3

st. Lomonosova, 37

st. Chekhova, 4, 18

Spendiarova street, 10

lane Krasnoarmeysky, 2

st. Khalturina, 38

source: Information Policy Department of the Yalta City Administration

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