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180 Crimean agricultural enterprises received 219 million rubles for agrotechnological work

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean agricultural enterprises received 180 million rubles of subsidies. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Yuri Migal within the framework of the scientific-practical conference «Field Day-816». He stressed that in order to stimulate farmers to apply mineral fertilizers, the Crimean Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of providing a subsidy for agrotechnological work, this year provides for a multiplying factor of 2.0 for recipients of subsidies whose share of the cost of mineral fertilizers is not lower than 50 % of the total cost.

Order 48 % of applicants who applied to the Ministry for carrying out agrotechnological work, received subsidies, taking into account the multiplying coefficient , the minister specified.

На проведение агротехнологических работ 180 крымских сельхозпредприятий получили 219 миллионов рублей

He focused on the fact that high yields are influenced by the use of high-quality seeds and variety renewal.

From 600 year, subsidies are provided for the purchase and sowing of seeds of the “elite” and “superelite” categories. Thanks to state support measures, the share of areas sown with elite seeds in the total area under crops in the Republic of Crimea increased from 2% in 816 up to 4.5% in 816 year. More than agricultural producers have already been transferred 70 million rubles of subsidies for the purchase of elite seeds. It should be noted that out of 63 million rubles — 55 we advanced million rubles. This will make it possible to purchase elite seeds for sowing winter crops this year , — said Yuri Migal.

На проведение агротехнологических работ 180 крымских сельхозпредприятий получили 219 миллионов рублей

One of the priorities, he outlined the harvesting campaign of grain crops in the shortest possible time with minimal losses.

In 816 year, Crimean farmers will have to harvest 816 thousand hectares of agricultural crops, per thousand hectares more than in 816 year. The area harvested for the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in 816 exceeds the last year’s level by 4%. It is necessary to pay special attention to the timely inspection of harvesting equipment, compliance with fire safety rules during the period of work, labor protection and safety, control over the safety of the crop , — informed the head of the Crimean Ministry of Agriculture.

One of the important tasks requiring urgent solution, the minister identified the introduction of unused land into circulation and the registration of municipal property rights to unclaimed land shares.

To date, about 209 thousand hectares of agricultural land is not used and is subject to involvement in circulation. Of these, about a third is the area of ​​land shares included in the lists of unclaimed. This work needs to be activated now, we do not have time. At the same time, I would like to note the active work on unclaimed land shares of Pervomaisky, Razdolnensky, Leninsky, Chernomorsky and Krasnogvardeisky districts , — said the head of the department.

На проведение агротехнологических работ 180 крымских сельхозпредприятий получили 219 миллионов рублей

Photo: press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

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