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ICC «Artek» is 100% ready for the summer health campaign in 2022

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The summer wellness campaign 2022 of the year traditionally starts on June 1st. As Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov said earlier, 38 thousands of organizations will be involved in it — 3% more than a year earlier. At least 5 million children will have a rest in children’s camps. Financing of children’s recreation this year is 16 billion rubles — by % more than last year. One of the flagships of the summer health campaign will be the Artek International Children’s Center.

Artek is fully prepared for the start of the summer children’s health campaign. Starting from the 5th shift, all nine camps of the children’s center are functioning, and the occupancy rate is 100% of the design capacity. For four summer shifts, we plan to accept 85 a student from 100 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In addition, schoolchildren from the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics will become Artek students: in the 7th shift — 110 guys, in the 8th estimate — 170 , — the press service of the director of the Artek International Children’s Center quotes.

According to Konstantin Fedorenko, despite the partial lifting of restrictions related to the pandemic, Artek continues to operate a four-threshold entrance medical control over the health of each child: at the places of arrival, at the medical center of the Artek base-hotel in Simferopol, upon arrival at children’s camp and in the first-aid posts of the camps after distribution to the detachments.

As before, special attention is paid to the sanitary condition of children’s buildings and places of rest for children. The children’s center is fully provided with the necessary equipment and medicines necessary for the provision of medical care.

The staff of medical and pedagogical workers is staffed. Among the counselors are both experienced employees and beginners. On the eve of the summer health campaign, the children’s center received almost 300 counselors from different regions of the country, trained by partner universities and colleges, as well as those who passed the School of Pedagogical Worker in Artek.

The lifting of restrictions made it possible not only to increase the number of children, but also to fill the educational program with content: now children can go on excursions outside of Artek — visit the South Coast, Sevastopol, where there are many iconic places.

The content of the summer shift programs is determined by the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia, the thematic focus of the shifts, days of common action and key dates. First of all, attention will be paid to such important areas as education, civic identity, immersion of the child in historical aspects. And, of course, many events will be patriotic in nature.

Schoolchildren will become participants in additional general developmental programs in the humanitarian, artistic, technical, natural science, physical culture and sports, and tourism and local history areas. Artek implements programs in partnership with the flagships of Russian business and education, and among the partners are 30 organizations. The author’s programs of the International Children’s Center have also been formed, subordinated to common substantive tasks.

Among the important tasks is the transfer of Artek’s experience to the regions of the country. This summer, as part of the Governor’s Camp project using Artek technologies, children’s camps will operate in the Perm Territory, Magadan, Nizhny Novgorod, Tambov, Samara, Kursk and Yaroslavl Regions. To implement the programs, 16 specialists from the children’s center will be sent to the regions, and methodological support will be provided online throughout the entire summer health campaign.

In the 2022 year, Artek remains a platform for the implementation of a federal project — the training of advisers to school directors on educational work. A large all-Russian project brings together thousands of schools, teachers, students and their parents. Until 16 August, 2500 people from different regions of the country will be trained in the children’s center. The main emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills in managing educational activities at school and planning one’s own activities. Experienced teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences, psychologists, managers, regional coordinators are involved in the project implementation.

I am sure that the experience and methods of Artek, which include long-term traditions and the most modern pedagogical developments, in combination with the knowledge gained during distance learning, will bring the formation of a creative, creative atmosphere to a new level schools of the country , — says Konstantin Fedorenko.

Also among the projects aimed at broadcasting the Artek experience in the implementation of recreation and health improvement for children is the creation of a day camp on the basis of the Artek school for the children of employees.

Both the atmosphere and the comfortable environment contribute to a good rest, learning and health improvement of the child. On the eve of the summer health campaign, a lot of work has been done to prepare the infrastructure of the children’s center, to revise engineering communications and fire water supply. Storm drains, forest park areas were cleaned from combustible debris and old grass was combed out, grass was mowing and acaricidal treatment was carried out throughout the Artek territory.

One of the important stages in the preparation of the children’s camp for the summer season is the preparation of all beach areas. The bun, enclosing structures, locker rooms were repaired and painted; devices on shady canopies of the entire beach area of ​​children’s camps were checked; a sanitary inspection of beach areas and all the necessary laboratory studies of sea water were carried out. Fourteen beach maps of nine children’s camps received the conclusions of the relevant departments and services.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of children. In order to ensure security and anti-terrorist protection, the Artek International Children’s Center provides round-the-clock duty of law enforcement agencies inside and outside the perimeter. The territory of «Artek» is under the protection of the troops of the Russian Guard, units of the OVO in the urban district of Yalta, and on a regular basis, children’s camps are patrolled by staff members of the checkpoint department of the center.

On the territory of the Institution, access control is carried out through checkpoints at the entrances and exits with the obligatory conduct of a set of inspection measures using special means, hand luggage and vehicles.

The capital of Childhood is waiting for children from all over the country to teach new things, give vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions.

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