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3 out of 4 Crimeans are not ready to give up cash

3 out of 4 Crimeans are not ready to give up cash

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In a service survey SuperJob Citizens from Crimea took part.

Only 15% of Crimeans are ready to switch to non-cash payments. The majority (73%) would not want to completely give up coins and banknotes based on financial security concerns: “It’s my earned money, not the bank’s!”; “The rejection of the money supply will greatly devalue the national currency”; “The natural disaster — the flood — showed that cash is always needed. The power is turned off, there is no card payment — the ATM is not working»,” noted the service’s press service.

There are slightly more men who are ready to give up cash altogether than women (18 and 12%, respectively). City residents aged 35-44 support the transition to a non-cash form of payment more often than those who are younger and those who are older.

Dates: April 13-18, 2024

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