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39% of Crimeans encountered manifestations of abuse from their superiors

39% of Crimeans encountered manifestations of abuse from their superiors

CrimeaPRESS reports:

4 out of 10 city residents have experienced abuse of power by management at work, most often this includes violations of the Labor Code. In a service survey SuperJob Economically active citizens with work experience took part.

39% of respondents personally encountered manifestations of abuse from their superiors. Moreover, respondents under 34 years of age (41%) most often complain about inappropriate behavior of management; they are not ready to put up with any manifestation of hazing; it is not for nothing that psychologists speak of modern youth as a generation that is maximally oriented towards psychological comfort.

Judging by the comments, residents of Crimea consider various violations of labor legislation (non-payment or delay in payment of wages, non-core duties, forced to work overtime), tyranny, insults, humiliation and a raised tone in communication with subordinates to be abuses of power at work.

Dates: April 7-17, 2024

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