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Crimeans spoke about fears associated with work

Crimeans spoke about fears associated with work

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In an open survey of a service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob Working representatives of the economically active population from Crimea took part.

2 out of 3 respondents claim that they have no fears related to work. 11% of Crimeans are afraid of being fired. Every twentieth — can’t cope with work. 4% of respondents are afraid of a decrease in earnings and loss of demand in the labor market. 3% of respondents each fear non-payment of wages, loss of health at work, instability and anger from management,” noted the service’s press service.

Men’s main fear is dismissal, women’s fear is undervaluation. In general, women more often stated that they had no fears related to work: 76% versus 57% among men.

Dates: April 2-16, 2024

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