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KFU created cement based on recycled materials

KFU created cement based on recycled materials

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Scientists of the Crimean Federal University named after. V.I. Vernadsky developed the composition of a cement-raw mixture based on industrial waste from the enterprise. This was announced by Alexander Bakhtin, Deputy Director for Educational and Methodological Work of the Institute “Academy of Construction and Architecture” of KFU. The project was commissioned by PKO KRYM LLC, which is the subsoil user of the Lozovoye quarry in Simferopol.

LLC «PKO «CRIMEA»» is one of the large enterprises in the Republic of Crimea for the production of non-metallic building materials from diabase rocks. In order to improve the quality of the main products, the enterprise washes varietal fractions of crushed stone and screenings. After washing, sludge is formed, which they send to sludge basins, where the liquid phase (water) leaves, and solid particles, mainly clay, accumulate, forming secondary raw materials that are not used in the production process. And now this secondary raw material occupies significant areas on the territory of the enterprise. We received a request from a manufacturer to develop compositions and technological parameters for producing Portland cement clinker based on the waste data it has, and to produce cement for general construction purposes, which would be used in everyday construction in Crimea and beyond,” the KFU press service quotes Alexander Bakhtin.

Initially, university specialists conducted a study of secondary raw materials using x-ray fluorescence and diffraction methods, which allowed scientists to determine the chemical and mineralogical composition of secondary raw materials. Based on the data obtained, the compositions of cement-raw mixtures were modeled and fired in a high-temperature kiln.

After firing the developed mixtures, we obtained clinker samples that look like irregularly shaped plates, since at a temperature of 1500°C the solid material softens and deforms. Clinker is a preliminary material for cement. The resulting clinker is ground in a special mill with the addition of natural gypsum, and at the end we get a powdery material — cement, which we are used to seeing in our everyday life. Subsequently, the cement obtained in this way is checked for compliance with GOSTsays Alexander Bakhtin.

According to him, from this raw material, specialists obtained cement of strength class 32.5 — one of the most popular in construction. The quality of the resulting product corresponds to cement created from natural raw materials, but the cost of the clay component of recycled materials is tens of times lower than the cost of natural clay.

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source: KFU press service

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