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April 22 — Vadim Klyuchnik. Dead or alive?

April 22 — Vadim Klyuchnik. Dead or alive?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the day of Vadim Klyuchnik, people revered water and its sources. On April 22, our ancestors went to the rivers and lakes to clean them. They believed that if this is not done, there will be no spring! They said: “Underground water, we are opening the spring paths for you!” Also on this day they washed themselves with spring water and drank it. They believed that today she has a special healing power that can heal any ailment.

In addition, at springs and springs they used to guess about Vadim Klyuchnik — about the death and life of sick people or just loved ones. They prayed in all four directions and wondered: alive or dead? If a person has a long life ahead of him, the water is as clear as glass. If a patient is about to die quickly, the keys will be clogged and seething.

When collecting water from the spring on this day, you need to say: “Tsar of the water, king of the earth, queen of the water, queen of the earth, give me some water for good health.”

Weather signs for April 22:

  • Sunrise with whitish highlights? There will be no rain the next day.
  • The dandelion has bloomed — real spring has come!
  • The wind is blowing and there is fog in the air? For a productive year.
  • If good weather has not established by April 22, then the summer will be dry.
  • It started to rain — to a good harvest.
  • Birch trees have a lot of sap — summer will be cool and humid.
  • Kulik has arrived — spring has firmly come into its own.
  • If red clouds are visible in the sky before sunrise, then there will be wind.
  • Did bubbles appear in the water when it rained? The rain will continue.
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Name days are celebrated today: Vadim, Leon, Luka.

The church today honors Saint Vadim, an archimandrite who lived in the 4th century. He died for his faith in Christ, baptizing the inhabitants of Persia.

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