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92% of Russians consider themselves well-mannered people. And you?

92% of Russians consider themselves well-mannered people. And you?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The opinion of residents of the country about what qualities characterize a polite person was shared by the sociological agency Weber. The vast majority of Russians consider themselves well-mannered, while only 4% hold the opposite position.

The respondents drew up a portrait of a polite person: he is always polite and friendly to his interlocutor (62% of responses), respects other cultures and views (53%), follows the rules of etiquette (32%), speaks competent Russian (30%). 15% indicated that this is someone who is never late.

In this study, we wanted to find out what norms Russians share, what behavior is considered acceptable and what, on the contrary, is unacceptable. It’s nice to know that a rude attitude, or simply rudeness, is not part of our mentality — 66% in Russia think so. But the desire to intercede, help, take care, and reconcile the growing conflict is precisely embedded in the norms of social life, which was reflected in the respondents’ answers– shared the head of the sociological agency “Weber”, head of the sociology department of the ANO “Dialogue” Elena Udalova.

92% of Russians consider themselves well-mannered people. And you?

Ambassador of the “Forum of Class Teachers”, German language teacher at Gymnasium No. 1 named after. I.V. Kurchatova from Simferopol Maria Kolomiets believes that a culture of polite communication is formed through many small daily actions and examples.

Schools pay great attention to education, including ensuring that children grow up as harmonious and developed individuals. An integrated approach contributes to increasing the level of polite communication in society. This includes conducting programs, lessons on developing respectful communication skills, and examples from adults, and stimulating positive behavior through encouragement– Maria Kolomiets clarified.

«Weber» – a joint project of ANO “Dialogue” and ANO “Dialogue Regions” to research public opinion using modern online tools.

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