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A bidding campaign for the opening of the centers of «Innovation points» and «Boiling points» starts in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean enterprises participating in the national project “Labor Productivity” from March can apply for the opening of corporate centers for the rationalization of two types — “Innovation Points” and “Boiling Points” Hi-Tech».

«Boiling Points of Hi-Tech» and «Points of Innovation» are corporate spaces united in a single network and constituting the backbone infrastructure for the development of the Movement of Innovators across the country. New sites will develop, generate and refine ideas, the main goal of which is to make production economical, environmentally friendly and innovative. Both formats of Points make it possible to unleash the unused human potential , — reported in the Main Directorate for the Implementation of National Projects (regional project office).

More information about the application company on the website.


  • «Innovation Points» along with «Hi-Tech Boiling Points» are the supporting infrastructure for development of the movement of innovators in the country. Today, rationalization and import substitution are becoming more urgent tasks than ever, and the ability of enterprises to withstand the changing conditions and even find new opportunities and markets depends on their solution.

Source: Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects (regional project office)

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