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A business program is being developed in Crimea, which the Republic will present at the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia”

A business program is being developed in Crimea, which the Republic will present at the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the end of last week, meetings of the project office to prepare for the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” took place in Crimea. On the agenda is the development of master classes, interactive and business programs, which will be presented as part of thematic ten-days. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers — Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko spoke about this.

Crimea is a unique territory. It was from the moment of the reunification of the peninsula with Russia in 2014 that a large “gathering of Russian lands” began. Almost 10 years have passed since then, during which the region has changed beyond recognition. We are ready to report on our achievements, because we really have something to be proud of. The project office for preparations for the exhibition and forum “Russia” operates on the basis of the Republic Development Corporation. The concept of the exhibition has already been developed, we are preparing its content– said Irina Kiviko.

According to her, throughout the entire period the region’s stand will be transformed in order to acquaint guests of the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” with the achievements of the republic in various spheres of life.

At the Crimea stand they will try to create the effect of presence: the sea, waves beating against your feet, the blue sky above your head, smoothly turning into a fragrant, endless lilac lavender field. For this purpose, 4 LED screens will be used, made in the form of “petals” moving from the floor to the ceiling.

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According to the press service of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea, the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” starts on November 4 at VDNH in Moscow and will last until mid-April 2024. The exhibition will feature all 89 regions of the country, the largest enterprises and corporations that will demonstrate their achievements. IMF «Russia» is carried out by decision of the President. Its goal is to demonstrate the country’s achievements in all sectors of the economy, including industry, energy, agriculture, construction, science and culture, and to promote further international cooperation of Russia.

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