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A fire in a private house was extinguished in the Krasnogvardeisky district

A fire in a private house was extinguished in the Krasnogvardeisky district

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The fire in the Krasnogvardeisky district was reported to the rescue service at 7:28 yesterday. In the village of Klimovo, a one-story residential building caught fire; residents evacuated on their own before firefighters arrived.

PCH employees worked at the scene of the incident. Pyatikhatka State Institution of the Republic of Crimea “Fire Protection of the Republic of Crimea” and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of Crimea, including 1 link of the State Fire Protection Service. Within 2 hours the fire was completely extinguished in an area of ​​70 square meters. meters. They managed to save two rooms from the fire. There were no casualties. Experts will determine the cause of the fire— reported the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea.

Crimean firefighters draw the attention of residents and guests of the peninsula to the need to comply with safety measures:

  • do not leave household electrical appliances plugged in unattended;
  • Make sure that the electrical wiring is in good condition, do not use damaged electrical appliances and electrical sockets;
  • operate electrical appliances in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer’s operating instructions;
  • do not plug several powerful electricity consumers into one power outlet at the same time, overloading the power grid;
  • Do not uncontrollably burn garbage or make fires;
  • in order to avoid the spread of fire from one building to another, clear the territory of household yards and garage cooperatives from debris and dry grass;
  • Do not throw away burning matches or cigarette butts.
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If you become a participant or witness to a tragedy, accident, or find yourself in a difficult situation, you must immediately contact the rescue service by calling “112” or “101”. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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