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A new depository will be opened in the museum-reserve «Tauric Chersonesos»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The construction of the depository in the Sevastopol Museum-Reserve Tauric Chersonese was started back in 2018 year, after the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia issued a positive conclusion based on the results of consideration of the design and estimate documentation. Then three-quarters of the work was halted. Today they are resuming, and the object should be commissioned in the fourth quarter 2022 of the year.

Tauric Chersonese is the only Dorian colony, bred by people from Asia Minor Heraclea Pontic in 424-421 years BC. The museum on the territory of the ancient policy, the so-called «Warehouse of Local Antiquities», the concept of which was based on the principles of exhibiting archaeological finds, appeared in 1892 year. Its heyday came when the art critic Irina Antonova worked here from 1955 to 1985 years. It was under her leadership that Chersonesus received the status of a reserve. Today, the museum needs a large depository: even at the time of the start of construction, it was planned to place thousand artifacts in it. But during subsequent excavations during the construction of the Taurida highway and work in the southern suburbs of Chersonesus, tens of thousands more items of archaeological value were found. They need to provide suitable storage conditions , — reported the press service of the Federal Autonomous Institution «Glavgosexpertiza of Russia».

The total area of ​​the future storage facility will be 2.5 thousand square meters. m. They will house not only rooms for temporary and permanent storage of exhibits, restoration and repair shops and other technical facilities, but also exhibition halls with a lecture hall. A cultural and educational space has been created, where museum specialists and researchers will conduct guided tours, including for children. The new building provides the necessary conditions for visiting people with disabilities.

The storage building will be located not on the territory of the ancient policy, but in one of the districts of Sevastopol, near Omega Bay, on lands belonging to the museum-reserve.

The contractor changed at the facility and, by the decision of the customer, it became necessary to adjust the previously approved documentation. It was again sent for consideration to the Glavgosexpertiza. Now our experts are working with her, according to the plan, the conclusion should be issued at the end of May. The design documentation provides for a change in the plans for the placement of engineering and technical equipment and the laying of engineering and technical support networks, technological solutions will be corrected without changing the design solutions of the storage building. The estimated cost of the object also required adjustments in accordance with the changes made. Immediately after the issuance of an expert opinion, it will be possible to complete the construction of the depository , — said Olga Pankratieva, the leading expert of the project for the construction of the depository in the Tauric Chersonese Museum-Reserve, the head of the complex examination department of the Crimean branch of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

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