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A schoolboy from Sevastopol is among the best young inventors in Russia

A schoolboy from Sevastopol is among the best young inventors in Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On September 15, the State Duma hosted the final of the anniversary All-Russian Conference “Young Technicians and Inventors,” which for 10 years has been gathering on its site the best inventive, scientific and technical projects of schoolchildren, which can be used for the development and transformation of various spheres of society. Among the winners, notes «Sevastopol newspaper»— student of the Sevastopol Minor Academy of Sciences (MAN), sixteen-year-old Dmitry Aleshkin.

As the director of MAN Sergei Pasein said, in total about 900 works from all regions of Russia were submitted to the competition, twelve of them were recognized as the best, all of them were named winners. Their authors had the opportunity to speak to the rest of the conference participants, as well as to deputies of the State Duma.

Dmitry Aleshkin is studying the theory of artificial intelligence under the guidance of Lev Kanov, a teacher at the Sevastopol MAN, Candidate of Technical Sciences, who leads the section of applied mathematics.

The work of a young inventor from Sevastopol is devoted to issues of artificial intelligence from the point of view of applied mathematics and the creation of mathematical models.

They calculated these models in appropriate computer programs and showed how to properly improve artificial intelligence for use in power plants or in autonomous transport— Sergei Pasein told Sevastopolskaya Gazeta.

It is interesting that D. Aleshkin is the only one of the participants who was allowed to report his work online, and not in person, which was the rule for everyone else. It is also known that the organizers of the ceremony of awarding the winners were traditionally the specialized committees of the State Duma — the Committee on Science and Higher Education, as well as the Committee on Education.

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source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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