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Glamping will still be built in Sevastopol Uchkuevka, but when will the project be redone?

Glamping will still be built in Sevastopol Uchkuevka, but when will the project be redone?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A village for elite recreation in the area of ​​the Uchkuevka park will still be built after the project is finalized. The head of Sevprirodnadzor, Yulia Gavrilova, spoke about this when answering a question from Sevastopol residents on the air of the Regional Management Center.

Yulia Gavrilova noted that she really doesn’t like the word “glamping.” This is a very specific term that many people do not understand. In her opinion, glampings are better called tourist houses. But, no matter what you call the construction that Sevprirodnadzor is planning, instead of 10 houses of the Safari Lodge Deluxe type, as indicated in the project documentation, people want to see just an arboretum on two hectares of territorynotes «Sevastopol newspaper».

According to the head of Sevprirodnadzor, ecotourism is currently being actively developed throughout the country. Sevastopol is no exception. Changes were made to the legislation this year that regulate how such tourist sites should be created in specially protected natural areas (SPNA).

This mainly applies to national parks and protected areas with maximum restrictions. Even there the creation of certain objects is regulated. And the development of eco-tourism is prescribed and recommended, including the creation of such non-stationary temporary facilities for accommodation, for overnight stays for people, and so onsays Yulia Gavrilova.

The site in Uchkuevka in question is assigned to the State Budgetary Institution of Sevastopol “Directorate of Protected Natural Areas and Forestry”.

This is a forest area, any activity there is possible only after the development of a forest development project, which has been done. This project is undergoing examination. This was our first experience. We developed the project, but when we started implementing it, we realized that the project needed to be finalized, that we had a slightly different idea of ​​​​the development of this territory, so for today we postponed the implementation of the project for Uchkuevkasaid Yulia Gavrilova.

At the same time, at the beginning of construction, at a meeting with the public, representatives of the “Protected Natural Areas Directorate…” stated that a positive conclusion from the state examination had already been received.

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«Glamping Eco Park «Proseka»

According to the project documentation, on the territory of 2.1 hectares of Mekenzievskoe forestry, it is planned to equip 10 glampings of the Safari Lodge Deluxe type, a non-permanent administrative building with a reception, a photo zone, a warehouse and a staff room, five recreation areas with barbecues and gazebos; clearings with a fireplace simulating a tourist site; three non-stationary retail facilities for public catering, as well as parking for cars. 20.5 million rubles are allocated for all this. Probably, as was the case with glampings from the tourism department, the developer must invest some more amount in the project.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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