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«Accident» summary of the past week on the roads of Sevastopol: 11 accidents — 17 injured

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Last week on the roads of Sevastopol there was an accident in which 00 a person received various injuries , including two minor pedestrians (8 and years).

Inspectors note an increase in the number of accidents involving children.

Since the beginning of this year, 32 traffic accidents have been registered on the roads of the city involving children under the age of 16 years in which 35 minors received injuries of varying severity. The largest number of accidents with children occurred due to the fault of drivers, an increase in road accidents was recorded on the territory of the Nakhimovsky and Leninsky districts, the most dangerous day of the week was Wednesday, time of day from 15.00 before 18.00 hours.

It should also be noted that in April and May there was an increase in the number of traffic accidents involving children in yards. During these months, there have already been five hits on pedestrian children who suddenly ran out onto the carriageway due to parked vehicles, that is, being out of the driver’s line of sight , the traffic police emphasized.

The inspectors remind adults and children that in any residential area there is a roadway, which means that it is necessary to follow the rules for its passage: stop, look around and make sure that there are no approaching vehicles. It is life-threatening to run into the carriageway because of parked cars!

Over the past week, traffic police officers have identified 485 administrative offenses, including 16 the driver drove a vehicle while intoxicated, 9 out of which repeatedly, for which criminal liability is provided, 77 drivers violated the rules for driving a pedestrian crossing, 37 drove into the oncoming lane in violation of traffic rules , — noted in the State traffic inspectorate.

In the coming week, traffic inspectors will carry out preventive measures “Bacchus”, “Tinting”, “Defaulter”, “Speed”, “Moto”, “Carrier”, “Pedestrian crossing” and “Drunk driver”.

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