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Artists captured the beauty of spring Chersonese

CrimeaPRESS reports:

16 May in the museum-reserve «Tauric Chersonese» masters of painting from all over the country gathered. Honorary members of the Russian Academy of Arts and its medalists took part in the Second Academic Spring Sevastopol Plein Air.

Talented craftsmen traditionally come to Chersonese to reflect on canvas the beauty of ancient monuments combined with majestic nature, which plays with new colors every season. Yesterday the open air was visited by I. E. Dolmatova, N. Ya. Dudchenko, M. V. Ordynskaya, V. A. Chausov and many others.

Having found the angle they liked, painters throughout the day with the help of paints and brushes skillfully depicted the ancient city, breathing new life into it. The time for the event was especially well chosen — in May Chersonese blossoms and looks especially festive: cherry blossoms, a bright and sophisticated cercis puts on a spring outfit, and then the entire territory of the museum complex is covered with poppies , — reports the press service of Chersonese.

Художники запечатлели красоту весеннего Херсонеса

Every year painters visit Chersonese, inspired by its history and magnificent landscapes. We are glad that the museum-reserve is a platform where both beginners and experienced craftsmen can realize their creative potential.

This is not the first academic plein air that takes place here, but Chersonese is so picturesque that you can paint its landscapes endlessly. Every time something new is encountered, and the sun draws interesting color transitions on centuries-old monuments throughout the day. This year, one of the artists was in Chersonesos for the first time, and the atmosphere of the ancient city immediately inspired her , — says the plein air curator Irena Dolmatova.

Художники запечатлели красоту весеннего Херсонеса

Flowering trees and shrubs, the sound of the waves, as well as the peace and harmony reigning in this area set the artists up for productive and creative work, which will undoubtedly result in beautiful works.

It will be possible to see the results of the painstaking work of artists from May at the Sevastopol Hotel Ukraine.

Художники запечатлели красоту весеннего Херсонеса

326016Photos and materials: press service of the Museum-Reserve Tauric Chersonese.

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