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Additional gasification of households in Sevastopol: what you need to know

Additional gasification of households in Sevastopol: what you need to know

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Director of the state unitary enterprise Sevastopolgaz Alexander Podturkin answered popular questions from city residents that they ask on social networks live. The requests were collected by analysts from the Regional Management Center. The broadcast took place in the official group of the Government of Sevastopol on the VKontakte social network. During the broadcast, the issue of additional gasification of the houses of combatants was discussed.

At the beginning of the year, the governor of Sevastopol announced a preferential program for additional gasification of individual housing stock for certain categories of citizens who can, by contacting the state-owned enterprise Sevastopolgaz, receive an additional gasification service free of charge both to the border of the land plot and within the borders, including the installation and installation of a gas-using equipment. We are very active in conducting explanatory work at field headquarters in all municipalities.– quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol Alexander Podturkin.

The following can benefit from this support:

  • disabled people of the Great Patriotic War;
  • disabled combat veterans;
  • participants, veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
  • combat veterans;
  • family members of deceased war invalids and participants in the Great Patriotic War or combat veterans;
  • large families;
  • low-income citizens, including low-income families with children.

The head of the enterprise also noted that in order to perform work free of charge, a representative of one of the preferential categories must be the owner of the land plot, and also submit an application on his own behalf.

What is important: the program does not apply to garden houses inside SNT, but is valid exclusively for individual housing stock.

You can apply:

  • at the office of the State Unitary Enterprise «Sevastopolgaz» at st. Industrial, 3;
  • in electronic form through the government services portal and through the Gazprom portal;
  • twice a week during visits to municipal headquarters — schedules are available on the social networks of the Sevastopolgaz enterprise and the municipal services department.

Also during the broadcast, the issue of laying a gas pipeline on Monastyrskoye Highway was discussed.

It is very important to differentiate whether this is an individual housing stock or a gardening non-profit partnership. In the case of an individual residential building, the gas pipeline, as part of the additional gasification program, is carried out to the border of the land plot, and in the case of gardening partnerships — to the border of the SNT. We expect the availability of the technical ability to connect and complete the construction of the ring gas pipeline — this is a large project provided for by the state program, its implementation is being carried out by the unified capital construction directorate. We are expecting the construction of these 34 kilometers of a serious ring gas pipeline, which will run from the village of Sturmovoye through Balaklava, through the entire Fiolent and will be continued to Kazachyaya Bay. The commissioning of this facility will make it possible to implement connections, including along Monastyrskoye Highway.notes Alexander Podturkin.

Residents also asked questions about the gasification of apartment building No. 59 on Fedorovskaya Street in the village of Lyubimovka.

This house, like a number of objects in Sevastopol, were included in the gasification program for previously commissioned multi-apartment residential buildings. Gasification is carried out in two stages: the first is the implementation of a technological connection to the border of the land plot, the second is the wiring inside the house. This is a building with 30-35 apartments, internal work is already underway, we plan to complete it by October of this year. Contract valid until the end of 2023, we are on schedule— emphasizes the director of the Sevastopolgaz enterprise.

Let us remind you that live broadcasts in the Sevastopol Government group on the VKontakte social network are held on a regular basis. On the eve of the next broadcast, everyone can leave their questions, wishes and suggestions under the announcement post.

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source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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