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All-Russian campaign «Windows of Victory» launched in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The all-Russian action «Windows of Victory» started in Sevastopol. Today, the windows of the Central City Children’s Library named after A.P. Gaidar were decorated by employees of the institution.

We presented to the residents of our Hero City the drawings of our readers, in which they showed that they know and honor the heroic history of their Motherland, as well as books from the library collection telling about the Great Patriotic War. Thanks to the project of the Children’s Council under the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the city of Sevastopol to restore the memory of the children who died defending Sevastopol, we were able to place portraits of child heroes in our windows. They gave their lives for their Motherland, for their native Sevastopol. Our duty is to tell modern children about them and preserve their memory for future generations.— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the Centralized Library System for Children Elena Panchenko.

A ten-year-old schoolgirl Veronika also joined the campaign «Windows of Victory».

I think this is a very correct and very family action. After all, in every family the memory of their Hero is alive. Ours is a grandmother. At a very young age, she and her sisters were taken to work in Germany at a factory. It was the hardest test in her life. When she returned, she worked at the factory for many years. Grandma is no longer alive, but we remember and miss her very much. Her portrait will decorate the window in my room. Let the whole city know about her and hundreds of soldiersVeronica said.

Everyone can take part in the “Windows of Victory” campaign timed to coincide with the celebration of May 9th. To do this, you need to decorate the windows with portraits of participants in the Great Patriotic War — members of your family, as well as decorate them with thematic drawings, stencils, and symbols of Victory Day.

Photos of the defenders can also be placed in the windows of the volunteer headquarters «We are together — Sevastopol» on the street. Lenina, 39. In order for all the photos to be of the same format, volunteers offer to arrange them through the site-constructor and print them in A4 or A3 format. Portraits are accepted until May 7 inclusive.

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