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Alupka and Evpatoria apply for grant support for the reconstruction of historical centers

CrimeaPRESS informs:

The maximum grant amount is 250 million rubles.

With the support of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria and Alupka (Yalta city district) submitted applications for the Rostourism competition «All-Russian competition for the best projects of the tourist code of the city center» through the National project «Tourism and hospitality industry». If the applications are approved (within the framework of subsidies allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation), this will make it possible to equip historical centers with great potential for attracting tourists and combine the main objects of tourist display into a single attractive architectural and cultural space. The maximum grant amount is 250 million rubles.

Alupka, where the Vorontsov Palace is located — one of the most visited show objects in the Crimea, claims to receive this government subsidy. The city plans to invest these funds and raise extra-budgetary funds to equip street infrastructure for comfortable and safe movement in the historical center, create a barrier-free environment, it is planned to repair historical buildings and illuminate their facades, arrange tourist navigation signs, parking spaces, update advertising signs in a unified style, equip places for festive city events, landscaping and decoration of public pedestrian areas and, in general, the creation of a unified style of the city.

Evpatoria , known for one of the country’s best city tour routes «Little Jerusalem», also claims to receive a government subsidy. The city plans to invest these funds and raise extra-budgetary funds to improve the safety of the route (video surveillance) and create comfortable conditions for the movement of people with limited mobility, it is planned to install tourist information centers, signs of tour navigation for the convenience of walking tours, digital panels and terminals, expansion of car and bicycle parking , creation of art objects, installation of street furniture and benches, as well as architectural lighting of buildings …

Projects, if implemented, will allow, for example, in Alupka, to increase the time of tourists’ stay in the region, so that it is not limited only to visiting the Vorontsov Palace, but a comfortable tourist environment with additional magnets is created around it. In Evpatoria, this should be the final stage in the reconstruction of the Little Jerusalem tour route, which will allow the project to be finalized. Both projects will certainly reveal and fill the tourist potential of cities, increase the load on accommodation facilities, as they involve year-round operation of routes and, accordingly, increase the comfort and quality of services , — commented Vadim Volchenko, Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea .250250

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