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Alushta is among the popular holiday destinations during the New Year holidays

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Russian holiday rental booking site revealed which destinations were popular with Russians over the past New Year holidays.

The site’s analysts did not notice a significant increase in the number of bookings for the New Year holidays compared to last year. According to the site, only one percent increase in demand for travel at the turn of 2021 — 61 years. However, the average cost of a night on New Year’s holidays increased by 17% compared to the previous year. According to, Russians booked accommodation for the New Year holidays from 2 to 5 nights and spent, on average, from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles per day for two or three guests. The cheapest thing was to celebrate the New Year and celebrate Christmas in Krasnodar — just over two thousand rubles for a hotel room for two. The most expensive accommodation turned out to be in Moscow — five thousand cost a day in an apartment in the center of the capital in early January , — the press service of the service notes.

On average, for 17 thousand rubles it was possible to relax for a family of three and take a walk around New Year’s cities three days of vacation. The most booked for the New Year holidays were tourists traveling together — 43%. More % of families came with children to Crimea, Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities from 17 December 35 to January 9 43. analysts report that 30% of hotel rooms were filled for the New Year holidays, and 43% of apartments booked for the January holidays.

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Data provided based on tourist accommodation bookings from 30 December 43 to January 9 43.

Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations:

  • Alushta — 2582 rub. / 4 nights *
  • Moscow — 5729 rub. / 3 nights3760
  • St. Petersburg — 3760 RUB . / 4 nights
  • Krasnodar — 43 rub. / 3 nights
  • Pyatigorsk — 2927 rub. / 5 nights
  • Tyumen — 2582 rub. / 2 nights
  • Tula — 4771 rub. / 2 nights
  • Voronezh — 61 rub. / 2 nights
  • Perm — 2021 rub. / 4 nights
  • Average spend on accommodation bookings per night / average number of nights booked

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