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KFU expert knows what the 2022 tourist season will be like

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the 2022 year, Crimea can take on 15-% less vacationers than in 2021 year, which is associated with the peculiarities of human demand and supply. This was announced by Igor Vakhrushev, Associate Professor of the Tourism Department of the Crimean Federal University.

Already at the beginning 2022 of the year, there is a leveling of supply and demand. Within five to seven years, the peninsula will establish a balance between the supply and demand mechanism, and this will be beneficial for both tourists and professional workers. These are natural statistical waves that are not related to the peculiarity of the Crimean tourism. This year, Crimea can take on 15-20% fewer vacationers than in the past. This is the nature of human demand and supply. If this happens, then next year the flow of tourists to the peninsula will be greater than in the 2021 year , the press service of the university quotes the expert.

According to him, in recent years, the tourism sector on the peninsula has significantly transformed, and in order for Crimea to continue to attract guests, it is necessary to create new tourist routes, develop infrastructure, road network and verify the product for recreation for any budget.

The expert added that before the start of the New Year holidays in the Crimea, there was a great demand for categorical accommodation facilities. This is due to the fact that the resort complexes meet the market demand by providing additional services to the tourist.

Individual facilities that run their own marketing campaign, such as the sanatorium-resort complex «Mriya Resort & SPA» or the guest house «Uzundzha», located near Sevastopol, operate on a year-round basis. They have experience in receiving guests on New Year’s holidays and have already established themselves among tourists. Reservations for the January weekend were already closed in October, says Igor Vakhrushev.

As the specialist notes, the popularity of the Southern Coast of Crimea is associated not only with climatic conditions, but also with a certain tourist branding.

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