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An «IT-cube» will be created in Simferopol. Within the framework of the national project «Education»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Simferopol, the first «IT-cube» will be created on the basis of the MB UDO «Station of Young Technicians». The Digital Education Center for Children will open by the start of the new academic year 2023-2024. 20.1 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget to equip the center as part of the implementation of the regional project «Digital Educational Environment» of the national project «Education».

Platforms for introducing children and adolescents to innovative practice-oriented activities in the field of information technology, robotics and IT engineering are being created throughout Russia. The implementation of the project is aimed at promoting competencies in the field of digitalization and is an effective mechanism for early career guidance. Digital education centers for children «IT-cube» provide the implementation of additional education programs, holding events on the topics of modern digital technologies and informatics, familiarization with artificial intelligence technologies, as well as educational work on digital literacy and digital security— noted in Main Department for the implementation of national projects (regional project office).

The creation and operation of «IT-cubes» is aimed at developing knowledge and skills in the field of information technology and programming. For a child, this is a center of attraction, a place where you want to return and continue to develop further. This effect is created due to a qualitatively new infrastructure and a high level of material and technical equipment, as well as interesting educational programs developed together with partners — market leaders.

The teachers of the center will conduct classes for schoolchildren aged 7-18 in 6 areas: «Programming robots», «Python programming», «Cyber ​​hygiene and working with big data», «Basics of algorithms and logic», «Mobile development» and «Programming on java.

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Schoolchildren who have been trained on the basis of the «IT-cube» in Simferopol, together with their teachers, will be able to take part in engineering and IT competitions at the regional, all-Russian and international levels, as well as in the work of summer specialized shifts in the region. Together, this will create conditions for the development of a modern educational environment and access for children and youth to modern equipment and innovative educational technologies and methods.

source: Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects (Regional Project Office)

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