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And minus two more naval drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How much is left?

And minus two more naval drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How much is left?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The persistence of attempts at terrorist attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Black Sea is surprising. As we already indicated, the losses are disproportionate to the “victories”. Today, the enemy still has “minus two” naval drones.

From messages from the Russian Ministry of Defense:

On September 14, in the Black Sea, naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet discovered and destroyed an unmanned boat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On September 14, at about 16:30, the Ukrainian armed forces attempted to attack the Samum hovercraft of the Black Sea Fleet with an unmanned sea boat in the Black Sea. While repelling the attack, the enemy’s unmanned boat was destroyed by fire from the ship’s standard weapons.

And what’s interesting is that on the Internet the “Ukrainian segment” is constantly cheering and hooting about any more or less successful raid, attack, explosion, or sabotage. But regarding the “unsinkable” sea drones that for some reason did not return to their base in Odessa… silence.

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