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Another agricultural fair is announced in Simferopol

KrymPRESS informs:

With prices “below market”.

May an extended agricultural fair is planned in Simferopol.

Fair events provide effective support to local farmers and an additional incentive for the development of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Crimea. In addition, the fairs allow not only large enterprises to enter the market, but also small peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs , the city administration explained. В Симферополе анонсируют очередную сельскохозяйственную ярмаркуВ Симферополе анонсируют очередную сельскохозяйственную ярмарку

In Simferopol, the weekend fair will be held from 7: 00 to 14: at permanent locations:

— st. Kyiv, 14 (opposite MBOU «Simferopol Academic Gymnasium»);

— st. Kechkemetskaya / st. Bela Kuna (parking lot of the State Institution of the Republic of Crimea «Road Service of the Republic of Crimea»);

— st. Sevastopolskaya, 14/3 (duplicate passage).

Residents and guests of Simferopol will have a great opportunity to purchase meat, vegetables, fruits, apples, fragrant pastries, eggs, dairy and sausage products, sunflower oil, seedlings, honey, conservation at prices below market prices , — noted in the administration of the Crimean capital. В Симферополе анонсируют очередную сельскохозяйственную ярмарку

В Симферополе анонсируют очередную сельскохозяйственную ярмарку

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