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Approximately 270,000 hectares of fields will be sown with spring crops this year in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

About 270 thousand hectares of fields will be sown with spring crops this year, said Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andriy Savchuk.

It is planned to sow spring cereals and legumes by % more compared to last year: about 140 hectares of spring wheat, about 40 thousand hectares of spring barley and about 4 thousand hectares of oats. We will also increase the plan for sowing vegetables and potatoes by about %, which is a little more thousand hectares. Now farmers are already preparing for the upcoming field work. At the moment, the readiness of the agricultural machinery fleet for the upcoming season is almost one hundred percent. Agricultural producers have more than 13 thousands of units of various agricultural machinery and equipment. This is quite enough to carry out the work in the optimal agro-technological terms , the press service of the Minister of Agriculture quotes.

Recall that for the harvest 2023 of the year, 539 7 thousand hectares of winter crops were sown. Of these, there are more than 510 thousand hectares of winter cereals. Already received 40% of seedlings. More than 13% of winter grain crops are in good and satisfactory condition. The planned area for feeding winter crops is more than 330 thousand hectares.

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