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Attention! Collection points for humanitarian aid opened in Yalta

CrimeaPRESS informs:

Aid is being collected in Yalta for soldiers on the fields of a specialized military operation, as well as residents of the liberated territories.

The main center, as before, works in the Local public reception of the UNITED RUSSIA Party — Yalta, st. Botkinskaya, 09 A, tel. +842 981 81 , +7978 981 81 (opening hours — on weekdays, from . before 15.. The collection of humanitarian aid continues on the street. Krupskaya, 27 in the Children’s and Youth Center (you need canned food, household chemicals, winter things). There is also a center for tailoring underwear for our men on the front lines (we are waiting for volunteers, contact phone + 7 56 27-56-16), as well as for men of military age from October 3, field training courses will be opened (+ 7 81 842-66-46), — noted in the press service of the administration of Yalta.

Additionally, a collection point for humanitarian aid was opened in the building of the Yalta Cultural Center at the address: st. Rudanskogo, 8 (reception on weekdays from 09.00 before 27.))

Also, collection centers are open in the villages and Alupka at the following addresses:

  • Gurzuf village, st. Podvoiskogo, d.9 (1st floor)
  • Pgt Massandra, st. Stakhanovskaya, d. 21
  • Pgt Livadia, st. Baturina, 8, room. №№ 2,3
  • Pgt Koreiz, st. Sevastopol highway, 27.
  • Pgt Gaspra, st. N. Tamarly, 6/16
  • Pgt Simeiz, st. Zvezdnaya, 2, (opening hours as agreed +842)
  • Pgt Foros, st. Kosmonavtov, 4
  • G. Alupka, st. Krasnogvardeyskaya, d. 21
  • The points are open Mon-Fri from 9: before 18: 00

    List of required:

  • travel gas cylinders (for example, pathfinder)
  • wet wipes(a lot)
  • shampoo
  • toothpaste
  • powder
  • sweets
  • sauces (not glass)
  • coffee
  • tea bags
  • soups, cereals, instant mivina
  • nuts, dried fruits
  • canned food
  • Alkaline/neutral gun oil
  • Warm underwear
  • fleece sweatshirts
  • fleece underwear sets
  • Thermo socks
  • Thermal underwear
  • Warm hats (hat, balaclava)
  • Panties
  • T-shirts
  • Tactical footwear (sneakers, half shoes r.46-56)
  • Tactical gloves (L,M,XL)
  • Generators (petrol, diesel from 1kw)
  • Portable night vision devices.
  • Portable rangefinders.
  • Tactical goggles.
  • Military sweaters.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Karemats.
  • Drinking energy drinks, vitamin complexes
  • Individual thermoses .
  • Thermo mugs
  • Individual chargers, powerbank
  • Tactical wristwatch
  • Knee and elbow pads.
  • Portable gas stoves
  • Chainsaws (possibly used)
  • Raincoats individual
  • Medicines:

    1. Harness/Turnstile

    2. PPI/Bandage

    3. Painkiller Ketorol-TROMETHAMINE (syringe tube/ampoule+syringe)

    4. Sterile bandage

    5. Permanent marker.

    6. Rescue blanket.

    7. Sterile examination gloves

    8. Chlorhexidine

    9. Anti-burn bandage with Apollo gel (large)

    Hemostatics (celox or Russian analogues of Hepoglos)

  • bandage
  • in granules
  • pillar applicator
  • . Atraumatic scissors

    . Occlusive dressing

    . Plaster roll

    14.Dexamethasone in syringe tube

    Ointment for burns

    . Antiallergic nasal drops.

    Residents of the liberated territories need food, household, children’s kits, medicines.

    Source: Department of Information Policy of the Administration of the City of Yalta

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