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Bakers and confectioners from all over the country will bake Zhelana's pie. There are dreams — there is a reason to voice them

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the most mysterious holiday — the Old New Year, bakers and confectioners from all over the country will bake Zhelana’s pie. The pie, which, according to an old legend, was treated to Santa Claus, and he, in gratitude for the cordiality and hospitality, fulfilled the most cherished desire.

Tortida Confectionery Festival revives this wonderful tradition. When we heard this legend, we realized that such a kind and magical custom must be recreated, especially in our difficult time. The Tale of Zhelana’s Pie is a story about love, happiness, belief in miracles and hope. And it is very symbolic that the best baker of the Crimea and the South of Russia, Nadezhda Goncharyuk, the city of Dzhankoy, worked out and adapted the old recipe, because hope is what allows us to overcome all difficulties , the press service of the festival notes.

Пекари и кондитеры всей страны испекут пирог Желаны. Есть заветные мечты?

on the photo: Nadezhda Goncharuk

Пекари и кондитеры всей страны испекут пирог Желаны. Есть заветные мечты?

And the story associated with Zhelana’s pie is this:

Many years ago there was a horse breeder living in the Russian state. Everywhere they heard about the horses of his Arabian selected, thoroughbred and hardy. Not only was he famous for this. There was a rumor among people that his daughter was a rare beauty. When it was time for her to get married, suitors from all over the empire were wooing. She refused everyone — no one came to her heart. The old man sighed sadly, but agreed with his daughter’s decision.

«If such is her will, so be it!» . He loved her more than anything in the world and could not refuse her anything.

But one day a merchant and his son were returning home from overseas lands. They brought outlandish sweets, chocolate and rare spices. They drove into the village: the road ahead was long, and their horses were tired. Here, they heard, the famous Horse Breeder lives. They began to ask people where his house was. Local people, kind and hospitable, showed them the way. They came to the Horse Breeder, brought valuable gifts to him, full chests of gifts, sweets from overseas, Indian and Chinese apples and candied berries, they told about their difficulties. “

It doesn’t matter,” says the Horse Breeder, “I’ll pick up my best horses for you. In the meantime, take a break from the road and dine at my house. My joy, the daughter of Zhelana will set the table, she cooked everything herself ”. The merchant agreed with his son, it is not good for a good man to refuse his hospitality.

1641740846704 As the son of the merchant saw the daughter of the owner, so speechless and lost. Wherever he and his father had been, he had never met such a beauty in his life: her braid was long, blond, her eyes were clear, as if the stars were shining, her face was ruddy and pretty. He was embarrassed, blushed, and lowered his gaze. And he thought to himself: «Such a bright girl, go and suitors has a whole yard.» The girl looks at him and smiles. Here she laid the table with various and fragrant dishes. As the merchant and his son tried dinner, they began to praise the merchant’s daughter for her housekeeping and skills. And the Horse Breeder tells them: “The deceased mother taught her this, she all went into her: the same beauty, kind soul, golden hands. And from me only stubbornness, but directness and inherited , — he added with a laugh.

— She refused to all the suitors who were wooing: she says that she can’t deceive her soul. If the fellow is not to his liking, then he directly answers . «

Then the merchant’s son got up from the table and said:

“Do not be angry, the host is hospitable. Do not take my words as impudence. I have not met anyone more beautiful than your daughter in all the earth, give her in marriage to me. I will cherish and take care of her, I will never offend her ”. And the Horse Breeder answers him:

“I see that you are good people, honest and open, if your daughter agrees to become your wife, I will give my parental blessing.”

And she is happy with these speeches, because the good fellow immediately liked her, as soon as he came to their house. Soon the wedding was played. The young people stayed a little longer in a hospitable house, and went to live in a merchant’s house.


1641740846704 They lived happily, they did not know grief . The mother-in-law is not overjoyed with her young daughter-in-law, everything goes well with her housework, she is skillful and hard-working, affectionate and honors her as her own mother. The year was coming to an end and the young woman became sadder day by day — she looks out the window and sighs heavily. The mother noticed this and said to her son:

“Our dove is sad about something, every day she becomes gloomier and silent, she no longer sings merry songs, walks with her head bowed. Have we offended her inadvertently?”

So in the evening the young man says to his beloved:

“Wishful, my soul, do not hide your sorrow from me. What kind of weight do you carry on your heart? Did something happen?”

The beautiful wife answers him:

“Everything is fine, my dear. Your father and mother accepted me as my own daughter, I never heard a bad word from them. Yes, I only yearn for my father, my soul is filled with sadness from the thought that I don’t know how he is there alone, without me. ”

The fellow smiled and answered:

“Why didn’t you, swan, immediately tell me about this? This sadness of yours is not difficult to dispel. Get ready for the road, we’ll visit your father, we’ll just be in time for the New Year, we’ll bring gifts for the holiday and help with the housework. ”

Zhelana’s face brightened at once, her eyes shone. She hugged her husband and kissed her hard.

So they set off on the road, the road was far away, but the young people rode with a light heart. As the horse breeder saw his daughter on the threshold of the house, his whole wrinkled face lit up with a smile. The son-in-law warmly greeted, daughter hugged tightly. He looked at her:

«Oh, she became more beautiful than ever!» She laughed, in conversations family all evening and spent the three of us.

And the next morning, disaster struck. The horses were new, skittish, they broke the fence and fled. The young husband went with his father and several of his men in search of the runaway stallions. The young hostess, meanwhile, remained at home, preparing festive dishes for the New Year’s table. She put the dough in the oven for a berry pie, but suddenly she heard a howl outside the window, a roar. She looked out the window, and there a snow storm broke out. The sky was covered with gloomy gray clouds.

Zhelana was alarmed:

“How will the husband and father get home, they will find the way — everything is covered with snow?” She plunged into heavy thoughts, but suddenly remembered that she had left the dough in the oven for a long time. She began to knead the dough, and from the excitement of the berries, which were infused with overseas fruits and spices, she added them directly to the dough. While the table was being set and the pie arrived in time, she poured syrup from outlandish beans, and went into the yard. Suddenly you see who? And outside the door it sweeps — a blizzard sweeps, the wind whistles, the trees bend under the weight of snow, and you can’t see anything close!

She sat on the porch, began to lament:

“Why are you, Moroz Ivanovich, on New Year’s Eve fierce, scaring people and depriving the holiday?” Then she heard a distant laugh in response. She marveled at this miracle and said:

«Show yourself grandfather, I invite you to visit, I want to treat you with a festive pie.»

Then the snow covered, and Santa Claus came out of the snow cloud: “Well, lead, beauty, treat, once a year awn called. «

She took him into the room, put out the fire in the hearth, put him at the festive table, and began to treat him to a pie. Santa Claus ate, wiped his beard and said:

“Thank you, young lady, for the invitation, hospitality and treats. Your soul is kind and bright, and you are a hospitable and skillful hostess. Your cake is good for everyone. In gratitude for him, I will fulfill any of your desires, but only the most cherished. ”

She rejoiced when she heard this, and answered: “I only wish for one thing: that my husband and father, with their people, return home safe and sound.”

«So be it, beauty, do not be sad anymore, I will fulfill your desire», — answered Moroz Ivanovich.

He said so and disappeared. She didn’t even have time to thank him.

She jumped out into the yard, she didn’t even put on her casing, and there the beauty was magical all around: the storm subsided, the sky was covered with stars and silver snow fell to the ground. She listened, and outside the gates the neighing of horses was heard, familiar voices, the laughter of her dear.

From those very times, the tradition originates: only once a year — on New Year’s Eve, a cake of desires — Bake Zhelana’s Pie. And everyone who has tasted it can make his most secret and sincere desire, which Santa Claus will surely fulfill …

photo: Press Service of the Tortida Festival

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