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Business training in Simferopol on sales and management

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A well-known business coach and coach Spartak Andrieshin came to Simferopol with his own sales and management trainings. What is the essence of the eminent speaker’s training programs?

Conducting business trainings in Simferopol for managers and executives For employees of the service sector and management of Simferopol, such trainings are extremely important. It is not often that well-deserved coaches indulge Crimean entrepreneurs with their visits. 2 business trainings were held in the city, which, according to experts, aroused genuine interest on the part of managers and leaders. The training programs were divided into topics of active sales and personnel management. These management training programs can be seen on the official website. They are known and have become the hallmark of Spartak Andrieshin. His manner of teaching salespeople and executives is quite interesting — based on the use of a large number of practical exercises.

The best techniques for training sales managers, says the expert, are:

Exercises for sales managers2252Spartak Andrieshin advises to use the following exercises during the training to develop sales, communication, persuasion and public speaking skills:

1.Difficult client

Employees perform this exercise when making phone calls. To complete it, you will need paper on which the employee will write the type of client that is difficult in his opinion. There are two participants in total: the first one is a sales manager, the second one is a difficult client. The first will communicate with the second — to initiate a deal, the second — to show dissatisfaction, object with compresses, etc. The task of the exercise is to analyze how difficult it was to communicate with a difficult client, what was difficult, and what, on the contrary, was easier. As a rule, I participate from 8 to people.

2.Product Presentation

A presentation is the most effective way of business communication, during which guests and other participants get acquainted with a new product. This exercise will improve communication skills, public speaking skills. As the presentation object, select any surrounding object or, for example, based on the previous paragraph, a difficult client. And then describe it to the public. Be mindful of gestures, posture, watch your speech.

Бизнес-тренинг в Симферополе по продажам и управлению

3.Non-verbal communication

This exercise can be considered a continuation of the previous one. Usually non-verbal methods of communication are used in negotiations, direct communication with customers or partners. Each time you hone your non-verbal communication skill, you become more confident with each new presentation, you «feel» the scene.

4.Active listening

Active listening skill allows you to train the ability to identify the needs of the client. The game requires a number of people, a multiple of three. Two of them start the conversation, the third fixes the time of the conversation. The essence of the game is to understand who controls the conversation during the game.

5.Two sides

Three employees participate in this exercise: one is a buyer, the other two are an angel and a devil. This transaction simulation demonstrates how a customer makes a purchase decision and also helps to strengthen objection handling skills. The buyer decides to purchase a refrigerator, but two parties — an angel and a devil — intervene in the purchase process. The angel gives an argument for buying this refrigerator, talks about its advantages. And the devil, on the contrary, is trying to dissuade from buying: he tells about possible breakdowns of the refrigerator, about its negative sides, about the high cost of repairs, and so on.

The material was prepared with the support of the training company «Moscow Academy of Sales»

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