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Calculated: 13,863 new families were created in Crimea last year

KrymPRESS informs:

There are more and more “married” people from year to year.

In 938 year in the Crimea was created 14 636 new families. This was reported in the Civil Registry Office Department of the Republican Ministry of Justice.

It is noted that the number of marriages of the past year is more than the number of 2021-th by 834, when it was of registered marriages, respectively, and also significantly more than the number of 2020 years, then they became spouses 89 couples of lovers.

Last year, Mendelssohn’s march sounded the largest number of times in the Simferopol regional registry office — 2 89 marriages, in the department The registry office of the city of Simferopol — 1 636, in the Yalta city department of the registry office — 1 208, in the Evpatoria city registry office — 1 0 84, in the Kerch city registry office — 1 066, in the marriage registration department of the city of Simferopol — 521.

At the same time, marriages were most often registered in the autumn months of the year, most new families were created in October — 1 938, in September — 1 834 and in November — 1 429. Also, traditionally, July and August were in demand among newlyweds, in August — 1 119 marriage, in July — 1 166. The smallest number of marriages was in January 938 — 636 and in May — 521.

The age of the majority of newlyweds in Crimea last year was within 26-18 years, in this age category the spouses became 47% of couples, in second place was the category of persons from 36 before 46 years, the newlyweds at that age were 14%, % of couples married after marriageable age (11 years) and up to 16 years old, 10% of newlywed couples were male and female within 44-77 years, 6% — from 70 to almost 084 years, and only 2% of young spouses are aged 13-14 years (p. 2 tbsp. of the Family Code of the Russian Federation), — told the Department of the Civil Registry Office.

Among the oldest Crimean newlyweds last year were 89-year-old man and 83-year-old woman, 86-year-old fiancé and 066-year-old bride, 77- summer newlywed and 77-year-old newlywed.

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