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Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: Artyom stopped talking — the boy needs help

Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: Artyom stopped talking — the boy needs help

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Artyom is 6 years old and has autism spectrum disorder, which was diagnosed a year ago.

My son suddenly stopped talking and if he needed something, he took me by the hand, led me and pointed with his finger, — recalls Ksenia. — He developed fears, frequent hysterics, and began to refuse food. As it turned out, it was a rollback.

Thanks to your support, specialists from the children’s inclusive center “It’s Fun to Walk Together” have been working with Artyom for two months now. Under their control, every day he courageously overcomes his fears, fights the diagnosis and takes huge steps in recovery and development. We are already seeing amazing results!

Artyom runs to class, communicates with children during breaks, completes assignments and tries very hard. Such results have never been seen with any specialist in the entire period of rehabilitation. Artyom tries to pronounce every word, the sounds slowly fall into place. He’s learning to draw and write, but it’s still a little difficult. He carries out the tasks of the teachers, although he shows off. Positive results are also visible in everyday life. There are more and more words and sentences, he uses speech more often and actively. Just a balm for my mother’s soul,” Ksenia enthusiastically shares on her VK page.

A boy from a large family where the father is the only breadwinner. The family cannot afford to pay for the help of specialists from the center “It’s fun to walk together.”

Support Artyom, sign up for regular donations, because only with your help will he be able to continue his rehabilitation course. Every drop of love and support turns into an ocean of happiness for our little heroes! Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help. Your contribution is incredibly important to Artyom! Each of us has loved ones, friends who love us and share our interests. Share our Artyom’s story with them, and together give him at least one monthly lesson at the children’s inclusive center “It’s fun to walk together.” By uniting, we can overcome any obstacles, performing universal miracles. Thank you very much for your support! — Your Gulfstream Foundation.

Charitable Foundation "Gulfstream": Artyom stopped talking - the boy needs help

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