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To work productively in the office, Crimeans need: comfortable furniture for men, silence for women

To work productively in the office, Crimeans need: comfortable furniture for men, silence for women

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For high-quality work, office employees need comfortable furniture, silence and good lighting. Crimeans working in offices took part in a survey of the service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob.

The top 3 most important office characteristics that can improve staff productivity include high-quality furniture, low noise levels and comfortable lighting — indicated by 52, 51 and 47% of office workers, respectively. The view outside the window is taken for granted by many employers, but it has an impact on every fifth person surveyed. Judging by the comments, even in an industrial area it works better when it is clean and tidy. For 16% of respondents, the design of the room and color schemes in the interior are important. One in nine office workers say they work better when surrounded by living plants. 6% of Crimeans value office decor elements that create style and comfort. Among other less popular characteristics that affect work productivity, office employees mentioned the absence of foreign odors, regular ventilation of the premises, space, and comfortable temperature conditions.,” noted the service’s press service.

Only 12% of respondents refuse to acknowledge the impact of office characteristics on staff productivity; they claim that they can work anywhere.

Interestingly, men work better in an office with comfortable furniture. Women are more sensitive to noise levels in the room.

Dates: October 20-30, 2023

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