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Children's Day in Artek was celebrated with mass festivities and theatrical performances

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On June 1, the International Children’s Center «Artek» hosted a celebration of creativity and friendship «Childhood Carnival», dedicated to the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia. Almost 3 schoolchildren from all regions of the country. The guest was the deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Valeriy Aksyonov.

In our country, children are the main value, we see that the opinion of the younger generation about what our future life should become is becoming more and more significant. Today, in Artek, schoolchildren are presented with master classes, creative workshops of various directions, competitions, game activities that will allow each child to gain new knowledge and skills, demonstrate their achievements . We strive to teach children to dream, set new goals and achieve them — this largely determines whether they can take place in their personal and professional spheres, reach the heights of life , — quoted by the press service of the director of «Artek» Konstantin Fedorenko.

Festival venues were set up in the children’s camps «Field» and «Forest», at the «Artek-Arena». Teachers of the Center for Additional Education, Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, counselors and thematic partners of the children’s center tripled a grand celebration for Artek residents — they invited everyone to walk along the impromptu streets of the City of Creativity and Skill, where you can learn amazing things in a short time. The event was accompanied by mass festivities and theatrical performances, many surprises and interesting decisions.

master classes were presented to the attention of the guys. The children got acquainted with arts and crafts: they drew and embroidered, made mosaic paintings and clay souvenirs, mastered sewing and beadwork, made engravings on cardboard and postcards using various techniques.

Everyone who is fond of sports had the opportunity to participate in tourist master classes, do maritime business, play golf, darts, floorball.

The most noisy and fun were the sites where you can try yourself in different types of art: the participants of the shift took lessons in vocals, acting, playing the guitar, participated in dance master classes from creative teams.

And also, having visited the street performance «Scarlet Sails», which the theatrical laboratory of counselors and employees of «Artek» staged in collaboration with the street theater «Mr. were able to think about something important: about a dream, about hope, about life, about the future that they can create themselves. traditions and culture of the peoples of Russia: the guys looked at the «Udmurt holiday», visited the «Bashkir Sabantuy», made a «journey» through the Republic of Tatarstan, got acquainted with the Crimean Tatar games and Ossetian flavors, and also had a lot of fun at the «Russian Folk Holiday» .

The International Day of Protection gave bright events to the pupils of the children’s center. In a festive atmosphere, schoolchildren tried a lot of new things and were able to reveal their creative and sports potential.

День защиты детей в "Артеке" отметили массовыми гуляниями и театрализациями День защиты детей в "Артеке" отметили массовыми гуляниями и театрализациями День защиты детей в "Артеке" отметили массовыми гуляниями и театрализациями

photo: press service of ICC «Artek»328893

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