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«Children to children»: more than a thousand books will go from Sevastopol to the Starobelsky district of the LPR

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sevastopol schoolchildren took part in the action «Children to Children». For a month they collected fiction for their peers from Starobilsk. Tomorrow more than a thousand books will leave Sevastopol for the Luhansk People’s Republic.

«Дети детям»: из Севастополя в Старобельский район ЛНР отправится более тысячи книг

We have joined the action, which was initiated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation together with the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren, and we are already summing up the intermediate results. All month long, our children brought their favorite books from home, Russian fiction for children who will study from September 1 in the schools of the Starobelsky district in the LPR. Tomorrow, the first batch of books will be taken by the volunteers of the “We are together – Sevastopol” headquarters to Starobelsk, and I think that we will send books weekly until the end of August , — said Larisa Sulima, Acting Director of the Department of Education and Science of Sevastopol.

«Дети детям»: из Севастополя в Старобельский район ЛНР отправится более тысячи книг

The head of the department also called on city residents to take part in the action. So, for the youngest children who just go to kindergartens, they need coloring books, books with fairy tales, board games. In addition, there is a need to replenish the fund of libraries of educational organizations in the sponsored region.

«Дети детям»: из Севастополя в Старобельский район ЛНР отправится более тысячи книг

As for educational literature, it is purchased by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and we want to help create a fund of fiction — this is what children can read in the library. And it is very important to fill libraries with Russian-language books. We are also handing over from the Department of Education a series of books on the history of the Great Patriotic War, our Hero City, our multinational country. It is very important that children in the liberated territories be in a single educational space throughout the country and the gap that was in historical knowledge and was imposed from the outside was eliminated , — emphasized Larisa Sulima.

«Дети детям»: из Севастополя в Старобельский район ЛНР отправится более тысячи книг

As the participants of the action note, the main goal is to help children living in the liberated territories in learning new information and understanding the world through fiction books.

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«Дети детям»: из Севастополя в Старобельский район ЛНР отправится более тысячи книг

Today I brought my favorite books that I read as a child: «Moidodyr», stories about Sherlock Holmes, «Mary Poppins». They teach life: it is from books that we learn what is good and what is bad, we learn smart, interesting and important things that we keep with us and carry with us all our lives. A piece of soul and knowledge needs to be shared with the guys who absolutely need it, so that when they read these books, they think about the good, learn to dream, set goals and love this life the way I love , shared the participant Russian Movement of Schoolchildren Marina Lozina.

Remember, everyone is welcome to participate. You can bring books to the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity on Nakhimov Ave., 4 from Monday to Friday from : 00 before 19: . On weekdays, literature is also accepted in public reception areas of United Russia:

— st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 4 — from 9: before 17: , break from : before 14: ;

— st. Novikova, 4 — from 9: before 17: , break from 10: before 11: ;

— Victory Ave., 17 — from : before 19: , break from : before 15: .

In addition, you can bring books to the volunteer headquarters «We are together — Sevastopol» on the street. Lenin, . From Monday to Saturday, the headquarters is open from 9: 00 before 18: , break 13: –00: 30, on Sunday — from 00: 00 before : .


Photo: press service of the government of Sevastopol.339182

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