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Clinic of KFU purchased a robotic assistant for surgeries

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Клиника КФУ приобрела роботизированного ассистента для операций

Crimean Federal University purchased a surgical robot-assisted system for operations at the Clinical Medical Multidisciplinary Center of St. Luke. Initially, the equipment was taken for testing, but after successful testing, it was decided to purchase it. This is the first surgical robot-assisted system in the Crimea and the third in Russia.

Finally, the first robotic assistant appeared in the Crimea. The system provides the surgeon with a long-term stable image even in extreme endoscope positions. Of course, any robotic module requires adaptation to the operating room, but we have already begun to carry out the first operations, and the system has shown itself to be excellent , — the press service of the head physician of the KMMTS St. Luke KFU named after. V. I. Vernadsky Sergey Eremenko.

Клиника КФУ приобрела роботизированного ассистента для операций

According to doctors, intelligent robotic systems can reduce the risk of postoperative complications and speed up the recovery phase. In addition, the most simple and convenient control of the robotic assistant allows to reduce the operation time by 30%.

The work of a surgeon is a physically very difficult process. During the operation, there is a large load on the spine and hands of the doctor — this can affect the quality of work. Sooner or later, the hands get tired, and a person cannot work as well as he worked in the first and second hours, so now all surgery is aimed at simplifying these tasks , — Sergey Eremenko notes.

The equipment is used in urology, gynecology and abdominal surgery. In addition, students of the Crimean Federal University and doctors are trained on the robotic module as part of the postgraduate education program.

The robotic assistant for low-traumatic surgeries SOLOASSIST II was purchased under the «University Development Program 2030» within the framework of the «Adaptation of the Module for Single Access Operations» project. The equipment is manufactured by a company from Germany.

303200photo: KFU press service

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