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Court decision: 17 sailors from the cruiser «Moskva» were declared dead

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Nakhimovsky District Court of Sevastopol recognized as dead 17 sailors from the cruiser Moskva, who were previously considered missing. All 11 cases, notes «Sevastopolskaya Gazeta» , were reviewed behind closed doors from June to September. The applicants in the case indicated the commander of the military unit and relatives of the sailors.

Recall that in April, the cruiser Moskva, which was performing combat missions in the Black Sea, sank while being towed to Sevastopol after a fire. It was reported about one dead crew member — midshipman Ivan Vakhrushev. Another 11 person was declared missing. According to article 45 of the Civil Code, military personnel or other citizens who are missing in connection with hostilities can be considered dead two years after the end of hostilities. But if a person disappeared under circumstances “threatened with death”, he can be declared dead already six months later.

The first eight cases were considered in June, including one filed by Dmitry Shkrebets, a resident of Yalta, the father of Yegor Shkrebts. The man actively spoke in the media and social networks, stating that from the very beginning of the tragedy, «the death of sons was obvious to many.»

I talked with two guys who were next to my son at the time of the explosion, and with many others … I accepted this reality with my mind, although my heart still refused to believe. We could neither order a memorial service with a liturgy, nor sing a funeral service, we do not have the bodies of our sons, and to continue to deny the obvious and just wait for something is a sophisticated self-torture. The court on the recognition of my son as dead […] passed 11 June, 11 July a death certificate was issued, on August 1 I received it in Sevastopol , — D. Shkrebets wrote on November 4 on the social network Vkontakte.

source: «Sevastopolskaya Gazeta»45

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