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Crimean development of army spray is gaining momentum

Crimean development of army spray is gaining momentum

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean fighters on the front line thanked specialists from their native peninsula for a special spray for the front. The People’s Front is sending batches of this product to Crimean fighters and doctors in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya directions of the SVO.

Crimean specialists from the scientific community began the development of an anti-inflammatory antiseptic for front-line conditions at the beginning of the Northern Military District, adapting “civilian” developments. The product is based on unique medicinal essential oil crops of our peninsula. The Popular Front has already delivered several batches of such sprays to Crimean fighters and continues to do so.

The product is both anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. It helps with insect bites, calluses, and inflammations, accelerating healing, which is especially important in combat conditions in the heat. The guys sincerely thanked the Crimeans for their desire to help and maintain their health. We have been transporting them for more than one batch, they are especially relevant in the summer. We passed on all the feedback to the developers,” said the head of the regional executive committee of the Popular Front in Crimea, Alla Vertinskaya.

In addition, in certain situations, wounds can be treated. Military doctors thanked for the development.

Thanks to the Crimeans for such developments and the desire to develop them and make them better and more efficient. This is true unity between the front and the rear.“, — a Crimean fighter with the call sign “Grey” addressed from the line of combat contact.

source: press service of the Popular Front in Crimea

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