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Expired dairy products are sold in Sevastopol. But the labeling system protects the interests of buyers

Expired dairy products are sold in Sevastopol. But the labeling system protects the interests of buyers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Overall, in the country, following the results of the first month of the permit regime, the sale of more than 1.8 million illegal and expired dairy products was stopped in all retail outlets connected to the regime. Most of the blockings were for dairy products that had not been put into circulation — 29% (549 thousand blockings), and 26% — for products with signs of counterfeiting. Expiry dates accounted for 18% — 347.8 thousand units of expired dairy products were not sold in the country.

In Sevastopol, the sale of 4 thousand units of expired dairy products was blocked in May thanks to the labeling system.

The sales blocking mechanism is aimed at protecting consumers from purchasing low-quality or illegal goods. When scanning the marking, the store’s cash register accesses the data of the Honest Sign system to obtain information about the product. If the product is expired, or prohibited for sale, or has signs of counterfeiting, the cash register will not allow it to be sold,” explained Revaz Yusupov, Deputy General Director of CRPT (operator of the state labeling system “Honest Sign”).

Since April 1, the country has been gradually introducing a permit regime. This is a mechanism for automatically blocking sales of illegal and expired products. The regime applies to tobacco and beer, and since May 1, it has been launched for water and dairy products in large retail, but small retail has already voluntarily begun to transfer data (for them, the requirement will only become mandatory in September).

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The CRPT reminded that every consumer can check the authenticity and declared quality of the marked product through the Chestny ZNAK application. At the moment, the application has been downloaded by almost 21 million people, who have checked more than 200 million products. Users have access to all information about the products, the application allows you to find any medicine in pharmacies and get instructions for drugs in a convenient form, and for dairy products, you can see the path of each dairy component to the factory.

For reference:

In Russia, 17 groups of goods are labeled, 16 experiments are underway. Today, labeling covers more than 19% of the country’s non-commodity GDP. Thanks to the introduction of the “Honest Mark”, the share of illegal goods in the perfumery industry decreased by one fifth, in tobacco by a quarter, in shoes by a third, and in tires and tires the share of counterfeit goods decreased by half. In the water market, the labeling identified about 460 producers who had not previously reported to the authorities. The fiscal effect for the country’s budget is estimated at 791 billion rubles.

source: press service of CRPT

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