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Crimean Peninsula: weather March 24

Crimean Peninsula: weather March 24

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the next 24 hours (March 24), anticyclonic weather will remain in Crimea.

No precipitation. Fog is expected in places at night and in the morning. The wind will be southwest at night 5-10 m/s, during the day it will increase to 7-12 m/s, in some places up to 17 m/s. Air temperature at night is 0…+5°, in the mountains -1…-3°; during the day +9…+14°, in the mountains +3…+8°. At the beginning of the working week, the weather in Crimea will be determined by the Balkan cyclone. Rain is expected, strong in places on March 26. Wind south-east, south-west with transition to north-west 8-13 m/s, in places 15-20 m/s. Air temperature at night. +3…+8°; in the afternoon of May 25 +12…+17°, in the mountains +5…+10°. On Tuesday (March 26), the overnight air temperature will not change significantly; during the day it will drop by 5-7°— noted in the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Crimean UGMS».

Detailed weather forecast for cities and towns of Crimea — Here.

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