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March 24 is Efimov's day. Take out your wallet if you suddenly hear the cuckoo

March 24 is Efimov's day. Take out your wallet if you suddenly hear the cuckoo

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 24, the church honors the memory of St. Euthymius, the Archbishop of Novgorod, who lived in the 15th century. He is known for his pious and virtuous life. During his bishopric, Efimiy (Eufimiy) put a lot of effort into the construction and restoration of churches, and also took care of the copying of church books.

People meet migratory birds on Efimov’s Day. In addition, on March 24, our ancestors began to tend their vegetable gardens and orchards, looking closely at what needed to be done.

They also believed that on Efimiya the morning cuckoo gives its voice for the first time. There was even an interesting custom: when you heard a bird, you had to jingle your money so that it would continue to be used in the future.

There are also many weather signs for this day:

  • Early swallows — for a happy year.
  • The friendly arrival of birds means bad weather and cold weather.
  • Rooks hover high in flocks and fall like an arrow to the ground — towards the rain.
  • Cranes fly quickly, low, silently — in bad weather.
  • The swans leave the wormwood and disperse into the ponds — to the warmth.
  • Ducks and rooks have arrived — the warmth will come soon, but for a long time they are gone — there will still be cold weather.
  • At the end of March, mice will run into the fields — a sign of crop failure.
  • Fluffy frost — for good weather.
  • If the cold weather has ended by this day, then there will be a warm summer.
  • Gusty and cold wind on March 24 — spring will be cool.
  • It often rains in March — the year will be lean.
  • Are bird nests located on the sunny side of trees, bushes and houses? Summer will be cold. If birds build their nests in the shade on March 24, then the summer will be very warm.
  • Rooks fly high and quickly fall to the ground — it will rain.
  • Seeing a lark means warming.
  • Cranes fly low over the ground — it will rain.
Name days on March 24 are celebrated by: Ivan, Bertha, Sofron, Efim and Georgy.

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