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Crimean rescuers daily detect and extinguish fires in open areas

Crimean rescuers daily detect and extinguish fires in open areas

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean rescuers remind: there is a special fire regime on the peninsula. It is strictly prohibited to make fires and carry out fire-hazardous work using open fire in forests, natural ecosystems and adjacent areas, including the deliberate burning of dry vegetation and household waste.

The use of open fire and the lighting of fires on agricultural lands and lands of populated areas is permitted only if fire safety requirements are strictly observed.emphasized the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea.

Alas, the cause of almost all “landscape” fires is the human factor. Fires in open areas in Crimea occur every day.

Yesterday, at 12:14, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea received a signal about a fire in the area of ​​the village. Pyatikhatka, Krasnogvardeisky district. Dry vegetation was burning in the open area. There was a threat of fire spreading to buildings.

Firefighters quickly laid hose lines and, using firecrackers and Ermak backpacks, localized and extinguished the fire within an hour and a half. The fire area was 300 sq.m. According to the fire fighters themselves, extinguishing was complicated by strong winds, which changed its direction and contributed to the spread of the fire. Thanks to the prompt actions of the Crimean firefighters, it was possible to avoid the “transition” of fire. There were no casualties. Experts find out the reasons— reported the emergency department.

Tonight, at 00:49, the following message was received about a fire in dry vegetation in the area of ​​the village. Vladimirovka (Black Sea region). Within 20 minutes the fire was successfully localized and extinguished. The area of ​​the “landscape” fire was 500 square meters. There were no casualties. The cause of the fire is being determined by experts.

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