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Law enforcement officials warn about two new fraudulent schemes

Law enforcement officials warn about two new fraudulent schemes

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Attackers are trying to lure money from Russians under the guise of insurers and bailiffs, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

In Russia, criminals have become more active and, under the guise of employees of insurance companies, are offering to replace paper compulsory health insurance (CHI) policies with electronic ones. An alternative option is that the compulsory medical insurance policy must be renewed as quickly as possible.

If the victim falls for the tricks of the scammers, the attackers, under various pretexts, call for installing a fake mobile application of the Russian Ministry of Health on their smartphone. The program, according to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, contains malicious software that allows access to the user’s mobile bank.

The attackers also began actively sending emails on behalf of bailiffs. The mailing informs that the citizen has an outstanding debt that urgently needs to be paid. Otherwise, immediate blocking of bank accounts will follow.

Social engineering, which is now especially actively used by both telephone and online scammers, always relies on the factor of surprise and creating a stressful situation for the victim, noted Anton Nemkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications.

Attackers may introduce themselves as managers of the organization where the victim works, law enforcement agencies, or representatives of government agencies — most often, due to the suddenness of such a call, it takes you by surprise. The most popular strategy is calls on behalf of security officers of well-known Russian banks.said the parliamentarian.

According to him, due to this, attackers create a stressful situation for the victim, in which “all critical thinking is lost.

Citizens should also remember that compulsory medical insurance policies do not expire.

There is no need to change your policy. Even if a citizen has changed his actual place of residence, all he needs to do is inform the insurance company about it,” Nemkin noted.

In addition, you can always replace the policy with an electronic one on the government services portal.

Nemkin also recalled that government agencies, banking and insurance organizations will never call citizens on the phone, much less ask them to install their separate application.

If the user encounters such actions, then the likelihood of fraud is extremely high. Malware can collect not only personal but also banking information. For example, the Mamont virus, which allows you to collect citizens’ payment data, has become particularly widespread today. It is extremely important to exercise caution and always double-check information received from a third partythe deputy recommends.

source: press service of the Russian State Duma deputy Anton Nemkin

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