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Crimeans prefer to read books rather than listen to them

Crimeans prefer to read books rather than listen to them

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob found out which book formats Crimeans prefer, which authors and which genres they choose more often. Economically active citizens took part in the survey.

78% of Crimeans prefer to read books rather than listen to them. Audiobooks are chosen by 16% of respondents. Citizens prefer domestic authors a little more often than foreign ones: 37% versus 30%, respectively. Every third person found it difficult to answer, believing that this is not the main thing in the book. The most popular genre of books among city residents is fantasy, loved by 32% of respondents. Second place is shared by detective stories and popular science literature (28% each). In third place is the classic (26%). The top 5 are historical novels (21%) and adventure books (17%). 16% like literature on psychology. Business literature is preferred by 12%. Thrillers are loved by 9%. Philosophical, religious, esoteric literature is chosen by 7% of respondents, romance novels — 6%, non-fiction — 2%,” noted the service’s press service.

Women love the process of reading more than men (81 and 75%, respectively). Men are more likely than women to prefer fantasy, science fiction, and business literature. Women more often read detective stories, classics, psychological literature and romance novels.

Among respondents under 34 years of age, the largest number of fans are of foreign authors (51%), among respondents over 45 years of age — Russian ones (48%). Those who are younger are more fond of fantasy, science fiction, thrillers and psychological literature. Mature city dwellers are more likely to read historical and adventure novels.

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Respondents with an income of 80 thousand rubles per month prefer professional literature and scientific literature more often than those who earn less.

Dates: November 1-3, 2023

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